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Daily Status, August 17

Daily Status, August 17: Summary/Situational Awareness Today, across the commonwealth, there were only 734 new cases.  Overall, this is lower than recent data and but is consistent with Mondays having lower data.  Regionally, there is not indication that , Northern VA's slow increase is abating.   The rest of the state is trending down -- with the leader in the decrease being Hampton Roads/Eastern VA.  It is worth noting that, while Northern VA is trending up, our numbers per capita remain lower overall than much of the rest of the state.    The testing numbers across the state remain ok, but not great. There is an interesting experiment going on in Blacksburg:  Virginia Tech is testing all students upon arrival at campus, and those results are being attributed to Blacksburg.  That means we can get realistic numbers on the % infected. I am aware of other schools requiring testing, but most of those are prior to arriving on campus.  At this time, I am seeing the surge in testing, bu