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Daily Status, August 19

Daily Status, August 19: Book-keeping:   I made a few changes to figures.   The figure that compared, NOVA to Hampton Roads/Eastern VA and Rest of VA now shows the 5 regions (and the data are now smoothed). Also, the Vienna bar chart has been changed to a line plot and I added other parts of Fairfax County to the plot (e.g., RESTON/HERNDON, Fairfax, etc). My readership is increasing beyond Vienna... Summary/Situational Awareness Today, across the commonwealth, there were 737 new cases.  Overall, this is low side of recent data but remains 1 standard deviation of the three week mean.  None the less, we have five straight days where we are below the mean; the trend is approaching significance.  Regionally, Northern VA's slow increase continues.  With the exception of NW Virginia, the rest of of the state is trending down -- with the leader in the decrease being Hampton Roads/Eastern VA.  It is worth noting that the areas seen growth have a much lower prevalence of the virus, and and