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Daily Status, August 20

  Daily Status, August 20: Bookkeeping:   I made a few changes to figures.   Add a figure comparing N Arlington/S Arlington/Alexandria. Also, working on more explicit monitoring around college campus to id possible outbreaks. Summary/Situational Awareness Today, across the commonwealth, there were 863 new cases.  This is a slight increase from yesterday, but is on the low side of recent data. It is, though within 1 standard deviation of the three week mean.  This is the  sixth straight day with data below the mean; which we would expect to occur randomly less than 2% of the time randomly.  Regionally, Northern VA's slow increase continues.  With the exception of NW Virginia, the rest of of the state is trending down -- with the leader in the decrease being Hampton Roads/Eastern VA.  It is worth noting that the areas seen growth have a much lower prevalence of the virus, and and much better testing statistics.    The testing numbers across the state remain ok, but not great. Overall