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Daily Status, August 23

   Daily Status, August 23: Before I get into the actual post, I need some feedback.  In my handling of the the colleges, I am relying on ZIPCodes in the vicinity of the school.  Sometimes, there are other events in those ZIPCodes.  For example, there was an outbreak in the Peninsula Jail, which is in the vicinity of Williamsburg.  At first glance, it looked like W & M, until it was clear (press reports) that it was from the Jail.  The difficulty is, I often do not know what is around the schools, and am just monitoring sets of ZIPCodes.  My plan is to call out each time that these are in the vicinity and not necessarily associated with the school.  Essentially, low numbers mean there is nothing to worry about, high numbers is a warning to dig deeper.  I can not assume that I will be able to catch a non-school outbreak.  Is caveating it sufficient, or should I drop that effort? Also, to make this easier to read, I have grey'd out paragraphs that are unchanged from yesterday. Su