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Daily Status, August 25

 Daily Status, August 25: Summary/Situational Awareness Today, across the commonwealth, there were 1005 reported new cases.  This right near average number of cases in the last three week.  Regionally, Northern VA's slow increase continues, but the rate of change is decreasing.  With the exception of NOVA and NW Virginia, the rest of of the state is trending down -- with the leader in the decrease being Hampton Roads/Eastern VA.  It is worth noting that the areas seen growth have a much lower prevalence of the virus, and and much better testing statistics.    The testing numbers across the state remain ok, but not great. One specific area of concern is JMU.  The area around Harrisonburg has seen a surge in the number of cases:  they were averaging 10 cases per two days; that number increased to 32 cases per two days.  This suggests that approximately 22 cases were identified among returning and new students, or about o case per 1000 students.  The JMU students have not been present