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Daily Status, August 26

Bookkeeping: 1) I am now going to give a color coded indication of colleges.  Green means I am monitoring it but nothing to say about it Yellow  means I am looking into it -- there may be something, but I am not sure -- I will write about it. Red  I am confident that there is an outbreak.  Today this is RADFORD 2) I have changed my tracking algorithm for schools; Radford broke it.  I am now take the background information from 4-1 week before present, whereas before I was using the prior three weeks 3) Graying out of repeated text from the previous day did not work well -- not sure why.  Today, I will try to grey the background of the old text....  I am still experimenting, and am open to suggestions. Daily Status, August 26: Summary/Situational Awareness First of all, Radford university is a disaster.  The case count is currently at 157 since the surge began.  And, they have only tested 295 people in that period (based on the ZIPCode 24141).  So, they are running a 53% positive rate.