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Daily Status, August 27

Bookkeeping: I am still working on how handle old text.  Enough complaints about the grayed background caused me to nix it.  I am trying a different approach today:  Different font and greying out the words.   Daily Status, August 27: Summary/Situational Awareness Today's concern are with the universities.  First of all, Radford is now at 185 reported cases  in the last week or so.  And, they have only tested 345 people in that period (based on the ZIPCode 24141).  So, they are running a 53% positive rate.  That means that they are unable to test all of the people that are sick.  My estimate is they are probably undercounting by a factor of 10x1.  If so, that means at least 20% of the student body have been infected. I It seems that Radford has testing capacity of about 60 per day; This is the scenario that I have been worried about. Fortunately, at this time, none of the (likely) students have been hospitalized.  It has been very difficult  to get information beyond the state num