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Daily Status, August 31

  Daily Status, August 31: I had problems with a script or two and also data:  The age plots are from yesterday (data was not updated), and the college plot does not have a date axis.  I do not have time to investigate/fix it now, but should get it right this afternoon. Summary/Situational Awareness Again, today's concern are with the universities.  The numbers for some look better, but this is data reported on Sundays, so reporting may not be complete.  Only two schools are  doing well (W & M & GMU), with no increase since the students arrived.  UVA is showing increases, but probably consistent with the increased populations -- they have moved to monitor closely.  Meanwhile, there is community spread is present at Virginia Tech, JMU, Radford, and VCU.  More on this in the section title "Colleges".  The discussion of colleges will take up most of the new discussion Across the commonwealth, there were about 847 reported new cases .  This with is slightly below the