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Virginia COVID-19 status for Sept 6

  Daily Status, Sept. 6 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out. I added tables showing the 4 week and prior week COVID-19 numbers for the Virginia regions, and some Northern VA communities. Summary/Situational Awareness Usually, during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a given time, parts of the commonwealth have low case counts, parts have  high  COVID-19 numbers...some areas are improving, and others are getting worse.  That remains the case now, with one group (colleges) increasing the COVID-19 number by 12% per day, while the state COVID-19 numbers (excluding that group) are essentially flat.  The good news is few of the hospitalizations for COVID-19 are from college students (possibly 1 from VA Tech, 2 from JMU, and 2 more throughout the state).   In terms of numbers, the schools that were having issues (UVA, VT, Radford, JMU, VCU) continue to have issues.  The other schools are doing ok.   Across the commonwealth of Virginia, there were 1199 reported ne