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COVID-19 Status for VA: Sept. 9

Daily Status, Sept. 9 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out. I wrote a supplementary blog describing how  I monitor colleges from zipcodes. Summary/Situational Awareness It looks like some colleges are either getting a handle on the virus or achieved herd immunity, or we are still seeing effects of the holiday weekend.  But, Radford and VCU are stable now.   Across the commonwealth of Virginia, there were 882 reported new cases of COVID-19.  The number lower than the recent trends, but by significantly less than one standard deviation from the mean.   Overall, cases are essentially flat for the last three weeks.  It is worth noting that, over the past three weeks, 14% of the positives have been from colleges; today,  colleges account for 18% (161) of the cases are directly related to college; without the college cases, the numbers would be decreasing by 1%/day  Regionally, only  NW VA is increasing, largely the result of the outbreak at Radford, VT,