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  Daily Status, Sept. 13 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out. How to get blocked by me on social media:  Comments based on opinions and not facts; when I ask for sources, attack me.  When I present the data -- sourced -- and you question it with no reason other than anti-science talking points...and then ignore my warning that I am going to block are blocked.  Someone was blocked yesterday.   Summary/Situational Awareness First of all, parts of the state do not really test and/or report on weekends.  Since the data I analyze was reported to the VDH in the 24 hours ending at 5 pm the prior day, the numbers are typically low on Sunday and Monday.  And the lower numbers seem to be regional.  Today is no exception.  The colleges look much better, but that probably is a result of the weekend reporting. The most frightening aspect of today's report is the continued evidence that college-aged people in college towns are infecting the broader