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Daily Status, Sept 17.

  Daily Status, Sept. 17 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.   Situational Awareness Across the commonwealth of Virginia, there were 1101 reported new cases of COVID-19.  The number higher than the recent trends;  Overall, cases are declining slowly (-0.5%) for the last three weeks.  It is worth noting that, over over that time, 17% of the positives have been from colleges; today,  colleges account for 10% cases are.    Regionally, all districts showing are flat to negative case growth. The testing numbers across the state remain ok, but not great, at around 5% positive, which, if Virginia can maintain, will be significant.   We continue to see enhanced cases across age groups in in the vicinity of Va Tech & Radford (New River Health District), and JMU (Central Shenandoah Health District)(JMU) suggesting the college outbreaks are spreading to the local populations.  This is concerning for two reasons:  1) the local population in these rural ar