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Sept 23: I suspect there was a data reporting issues...Numbers look too good.

Daily Status, Sept. 23Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.  

Situational AwarenessSome days, you look at the numbers, and shake your head.  Today, the number of new cases is low -- very low.  Depending on assumptions of the distribution, we are 2 (normal) to 2.5 (log-normal) ๐›” below the mean, meaning this should happen about 2.5 to about 1% of the time randomly.  Alternatively, either something went wrong in the the data collection or things are really improving (statistics changing).  My best guess is a data collection issues (computer issue?).  And in a day or two we will have a huge number of cases: 2-3 ๐›” above the mean.  Because of this, I do not plan to spend much time interpreting the numbers;  I will document them, but any text will be unchanged.  Today had the fewest cases reported since the July 4 weekend.
Across the commonwealth of Virginia, there were 580 today reported new cases of COVID-19, which is more than 2 ๐›”below the 3 week aver…