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Daily Status, Sept. 26

  Daily Status, Sept. 26 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.   Before I can start the report, I need to get the data.  The data usually comes around it came later, around 2:00 PM.  So, my report is 4 hours later than usual. Situational Awareness Today, Virginia has 975 newly diagnoses COVID cases.  One thing to understand is the number of cases is usually higher on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, and lower on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  If we look at 7 day numbers, we have averaged 821 cases (9.9/100K), which is 2.4 standard deviations below the mean weekly number for the last 10 weeks.  Overall, cases are decreasing  for the last three week at 0.7%/day, or 7% a week.  There were 112 new cases associated with colleges, but 97 were at three schools: UVA, VT and JMU. few weeks ago three individual colleges (Radford, VT and  JMU) were near or above 100 cases.   Note that there is a reporting concern at at least 1 college, which will b