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Daily Status, October 2: Not Virginia, but high profile covid cases in the DMV

  Daily Status, October 2 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.   Three  things before I get started:  First, I want to thank Bazin's on Church for the delicious dinner last night -- socially distanced at home. Secondly,  I added a section on risks in our region. It is after Local/Northern VA. Finally, as everyone should know, the reason why I write this blog is so people will properly understand quantifiable the risks in the communities around us.  Some people accept those risks and live life normally, other are more conservative.  I am personally very careful:  I have multiple comorbidities which makes a bad outcome considerably more likely.  One individual, who I am confident has not read my blog is a Florida resident temporarily residing in DC.  This 74 yo man, who is at minimum, obese, has been going around with minimal PPE, interacting with others. Now, he was able to ensure everyone he interacted with was tested.  Yet, with that, yesterda