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We have a clear choice in November....

We have a choice between knowledge and ignorance.  The events of the last 48 hours mimic the events of the last 4 years.  The President of the United States openly defies the scientific knowledge on many fronts, including COVID-19.  The President routinely holds large events without social distancing and PPE (in some cases, people are ridiculed for wearing masks).  In the two weeks prior to his COVID diagnosis, he was involved in daily events with attendance in excess of rational guidelines, including a 3000 person outdoor rally in Newport News, VA.   In terms of numbers, right now, in Newport News, there are 179,000 people, and 83 people were confirmed COVID positive in the prior 7 days to the rally.  That means 1/2000 people are known infectious, and probably an equal number were infectious but either a- or pre-symptomatic.  Looking at the numbers, with 3000 people in attendance, there is 75% chance that someone at the rally was infectious.  That individual, if not wearing PPE, would