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Daily Status, October 5: All good trends must come to an end

  Daily Status, October 5 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.   Note:  Yesterday's update did not occur because the state failed to complete the update of the databases.  Unfortunately, the processing did not include the data for yesterday.  On Saturday, I eluded to a political commentary.  I have worked hard to try to focus on data and knowledge in these reports, avoiding political statements.  However, I am presenting the attached link with my rationale for November, which I believe is consistent with the message presented here.   A political statement. Situational Awareness Over the last two days, Virginia has added a total of 1754 (1067 yesterday and 687 today) newly diagnosed COVID cases, which which is very close to our two day average of 1740 cases.   And I have reason to suspect some of the cases (~50) are the result of irresponsible political activity both in Newport News and Northern VA..  If we look at 7 day numbers, we have average