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Daily status, Oct. 6: The blogger ate my homework.

  Daily Status, October 6 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.     I had a problem with today’s update:  I was just about finished when it disappeared.  I am experimenting with a new (hopefully more robust) workflow.   My Endorsement for president of the US, consistent with the message of this blog:  make decisions based on science:   Joe Biden 2020. Situational Awareness The COVID-19 data reported by the Virginia Department of health on October 6, 2020 (based on data collected on Octover 5 th  by 5 PM) shows that the commonwealth added 625 COVID-19 cases, which is one standard deviation below the 3-week average of 845 cases per day.   Over the last seven days, Virginia reported 5666 cases, or 810 cases per day on which works out to 9.7 cases/100K people. This is down from 12 cases/100K several weeks ago, but above the 9 cases per 100K from 1 week ago.  This suggests the decrease we are seeing for the last few weeks has ended.  Currently the weekly