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Daily Status: October 9. Sometimes the numbers confuse me.

  Daily Status, October 9 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.   Situational Awareness The COVID-19 data reported by the Virginia Department of health on October 9, 2020 (based on data collected on October 8 h  by 5 PM) shows that the commonwealth added 1114 cases of COVID-19. While the daily total is above the 3 week average, the number is within 1 standard deviation.  Viewed o ver the last seven days, Virginia reported 6962 cases, or 995 cases per day on which works out to 11.9 cases/100K people.  This is consistent with 12 cases/100K several weeks ago, but well above the 9 cases per 100K from 1 week ago.  This suggests the decrease we are seeing for the last few weeks has ended, or was an artifact of reporting issues.   The trends over the last three weeks, now are showing a slow increase, at 0.2%/per day or  1% per week. 145 of the new cases were associated with colleges, With nearly every college showing increases proportional to the school