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Daily Status: October 17. Are we at the beginning of the fall Surge? I'll know in a month

  Daily Status, October 16 Reminder:  any sections that are unchanged since yesterday are grayed out.   As some of you know, situations in my life has changed.  8 years a go battled metastatic kidney cancer, and with a few surgeries, "won".  Well, I won two battles. Over the last few months I had not been feeling well.  This week, we found out that I am entering round 3.  Round three will be a tough fight.  The treatment goal is not curative, but rather quality and longevity of life.  This is why there have been some missed days this week.  I am not sorry -- only sorry that I could not explain why. I am both horrified and honored that so many people rely on this blog.  Horrified, because it reflects the low quality of main-stream scientific reporting such that people need information not supplied, and honored that you turn to me .   The one thing to remember is the day-to-day changes are minor. Any trend takes several days to identify, and I will be looking at the data daily