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Situational Awareness: Nov 11

  Situational Awareness:  Nov 11 Today, I am giving an  abbreviated  report. . Situational Awareness Big picture: We are well into the fall surge in COVID-19 Cases.  I do not know how bad it will get, but it is getting worse.     Local: The caseload in Vienna doubled in the last month, but leveled off.  Because the case numbers are low, random variations can make it more difficult to assess the trends.  But they are increasing.  Elsewhere in NOVA, cases are  increasing with a doubling rate of about 45 days. Yesterday, VA reported 1,594 new cases of COVID. The data  were r eported by VDH on Nov 11, 2020 were well above (nearly 2 standard deviation) of the three - week bias-adjusted average of 1,021 cases. Today was the fifth highest caseload for Virginia, out of 240 days.     Viewed over the last seven days, VA reported 10,670 cases, or 1,524 cases per day, which works out to 18.3 cases/100K people. This is the highest verified weekly number during the pandemic, though it is likely the