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Dec 8: Fall surge resumes with vengeance

  Daily Status, Dec 8 Today is full update The data have recovered from the thanksgiving holiday. Situational Awareness   Big picture: after a pause in case growth caused by low testing, our case surge resumes.  Hunkering down is the advice of the day.  This is a high-risk time period.     Yesterday, VA reported 3,860 new cases of COVID-19.  The last three days, all above 3,800, where the three highest daily totals; 5 days were in the top 7 days of number of covid cases. . Today’s count is significantly (1.5 standard deviations) above the three-week bias-adjusted average of 2,820 cases.   The current weekly total of 22,667 new cases (first time a 1 week total exceeded 20,000), or 3,238 cases per day, which works out to 38.8 cases/day/100K people. This is by far the highest case count to date,  The hospitalizations are at an all-time high (1918), which is consistent with the record case numbers.  The only good news is we have capacity for 3000 more COVID cases, or 2.5x, in VA hospitals,