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Dec 10: Numbers continue the surge; the last 6 days were the 6 highest case counts

  Daily Status, Dec 10 Today is full update The data have recovered from the thanksgiving holiday. Situational Awareness   Big picture: The surge is in full force, probably enhanced by thanksgiving travel.  Every metric is looking bad, from percent positive to case number to growth rates are discouraging.  The six highest case counts were the last six days.  During this period, the percent positive was about 10.6%, suggesting we are missing about ½ of all the cases. .  Hunkering down is the advice of the day.  This is a high-risk time period.     Yesterday, VA reported 3,915 new cases of COVID-19.  The last six days, all above 3,793, were the six highest daily totals. Today’s count is significantly (1.4 standard deviations) above the three-week bias-adjusted average of 2,798 cases.   The current weekly total of 26, 540  new cases, or 3,791 cases per day, which works out to 45.4 cases/day/100K people. This is by far the highest case count to date, and a 70% week over week jump (though l