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VA COVID Status, Jan 12, 2021: It remains rampant in the region and state.

 VA COVID  Status, Jan 12, 2021 Today is full update As I have mentioned before, I have been having personal health challenges; over the past several weeks that (coupled with some required script maintenance) precluded me from updating the status.   The script maintenance involved two primary issues:   1)     Some of the data are processed by the name of the health district, and the Thomas Jefferson Health district was renamed “Blue Ridge”.  Fixing the script was easy, finding the change was somewhat more challenging. 2)     I re-segmented the lin plots to capture the surge that began in October as an individual event Situational Awareness   Big picture: Throughout the Commonwealth of VA, we remain at our peak values, with caseloads increasing by 15-20% per week.  But, if we look at hospitalizations (which are independent of testing imitations), we see that the numbers hospitalized are at 3185 – about 1000 (30%) more than one month ago.  The increase in hospitalizations is now consiste