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Jan 14 COVID Update: Things remain risky out there. We are comparable to Florida or AZ in there summer peak in terms of infection rates

VA COVID  Status, Jan 14, 2021 Today is full update Note:  I situational awareness is always updated (text & figures) ; other sections have the tables and figures updated, but text is updated only has conditions warrant. Situational Awareness Big picture: Throughout the Commonwealth of VA, we remain at our peak values, with caseloads increasing by 15-20% per week.  But, if we look at hospitalizations (which are independent of testing imitations), we see that the numbers hospitalized are at 3200 – about 1000 (30%) more than one month ago.  The increase in hospitalizations is now consistent with the increase in case load suggesting that testing is less of an issue (or under reporting is consistent).  Right now the percent positive is at about 15%, suggesting that 1 in 2 to 1 in 3 cases are being missed. though that is more likely a problem outside of Northern VA.  Hunkering down is the advice of the day.  This is a high-risk time period.  The good news is the vaccine is present, whic