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VA COVID Status, Jan 17, 2021: No good news, record numbers in all metrics.

  VA COVID  Status, Jan 17, 2021 Today is full update The introduction section, situation awareness, is updated with every post.  The figures and tables in the document are always updated, but the text in the remainder of the document is only changed as needed. Situational Awareness Big picture: Throughout the Commonwealth of VA, we remain at our peak values with yesterday’s caseload breaking the previous record by 3000 cases or nearly 50%).  The positive indicators we saw yesterday now appear to be random fluctuations; today, hospitalizations jumped significantly to 4041 hospitalized, a 33% increase in one day.  Week over week numbers, are up.  The only indicator that is not negative is now the percent of COVID tests coming back positive has decreased to 13.0, suggesting that fewer cases are being missed.  It is possible that some of the case increase is the result of the testing of college students prior to arrival back on campus, but that would not account for the surge in hospitali