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VA COVID Status, Jan 26, 2021: Good news, a positive trend (OR NEGATIVE FOR COVID CASES)

VA COVID  Status, Jan 26, 2021 Today is full update One modification:  I now am counting antigen and PCR testing together, as VA is reporting the data in a way that allows it.   The introduction section, situation awareness, is updated with every post.  The figures and tables in the document are always updated, but the text in the remainder of the document is only changed as needed.   If you work for leidos and find this useful, please vote for me for a people’s choice achievement award. Situational Awareness Big picture: I have been afraid to post because whenever I post a trend, the trend ends.  The trend is a reduction in the caseload.  All metrics are point in the right direction: caseload, hospitalizations, and % positive.  This probably reflects the end of a spike because of the holiday possibly coupled with the impact of vaccinations (4-5% have been vaccinated which should reduce the number of new cases by a similar percentage, though our drop is much bigger than 4-5 %.   Outsid