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VA COVID Status, Feb 3, 2021: All indicators are pointing in a positive direction.

  VA COVID  Status, Feb 3, 2021 Today is full update The introduction section, situation awareness, is updated with every post.  The figures and tables in the document are always updated, but the text in the remainder of the document is only changed as needed. Situational Awareness Big picture: The daily case count continues to decrease from the mid-January peak. Currently, every day this week has had numbers of new cases under 3000, a significant improvement over prior week.  The number of patients hospitalized is down 500 from the peak, and the % of tests that are positive are down to around 10%.  These are the three primary indicators I use, and all are trending in the correct direction. All week, Virginia’s caseload has remained below 3000, with reporting 4 day numbers totaling 11,118.  Today’s case count is 2,959 which is Today’s count more to 1 standard-deviations BELOW the three-week bias-adjusted average of 4,8291 cases. The current weekly total of 24,786 new cases, or 3541 cas