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VA COVID Status, March 7, 2021: Optimism?

  VA COVID  Status, March 7, 2021 Note: I am reporting on yesterday’s numbers. Today is full update The introduction section, situation awareness, is updated with every post.  The figures and tables in the document are always updated, but the text in the remainder of the document is only changed as needed.   The increasing periodicity of the updates is not reflection of decreasing concern over COVID, but rather more a reflection of my energy in my personal medical struggles.  (Oh, on the good news side, I did receive my first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine). Situational Awareness Big picture: We are seeing really bad reporting on the status of covid in the USA.  There has been talk of the numbers plateauing in the decrease.  I am seeing something different:  The numbers are continuing to decrease in the expected constant rate based on epidemiology, which is bout 3.2% per day since mid-January (or 20% per week), but the decrease has slowed down because (weekly numbers) 20% of 12500 is 2500